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Music Production

Take your song to the next level. Collaborate with a professional producer to compose the music for your song in the way that you envision.


Ensure every element of your song is heard in the best way by getting your song Mixed by a HH Engineer


Go from great to Awesome. Get your song Mastered to ensure your song is

Radio Ready.

Content Editing

Partner with Hyson House to get your content edited to look professional and achieve the goal of your video.

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the Next Level through

  • Collaboration

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  • Education

Hyson House was founded by Leroy Hyson II in 2023 as a response to the ever growing desire of beginner and intermediate songwriters to write, record, and release their own original music. Hyson House is a one stop shop for artists who want to take their songs to the next level. Providing production, mixing and mastering, content editing, and virtual education, Hyson House can meet you where you are in your creative journey and walk with you through every part of the creative process.

Our Clients' Reviews

Since that first session, we've recorded and released three songs together, and the process has been so easy, freeing, and fun. It's been life-giving for me and an absolute dream come true. I look forward to every session we have together, and I know we're going to create more message-driven music in the future.

Leroy is supportive, encouraging, affirming, and intuitive, and he brings out the best in the people he works with. I feel so honored to be working with him and look forward to continuing our work together to bring the messages that meaningful to me to life.

I’ve always dreamt of pursuing singing/songwriting and to see my dream of releasing my own album within the next year is hard to even wrap my head around sometime!! It took me some time to really find my confidence in myself and my art, and will be forever thankful for the people, including Leroy, who helped me see what I possess.

He is extremely talented and so helpful for music industry career advice. Stellar at composing and bringing music to life. I truly love working with Leroy.

As a children's music entertainer, Hyson House is everything I was looking for to make my songs sound professional, catchy, and so much fun! It is an absolute dream come true to work with Leroy. He is incredibly talented and so encouraging. I am so grateful because my songs would not be what they are without him!

I am honestly blown away by Leroy. I had a song I'd been waiting to put out for 3 years and didn't want to until it sounded exactly how I wanted in my head. And he brought that vision to life perfectly! The efficiency in his work as well was so helpful as to not waste time in the studio. I would 10000% recommend him to any singers at any level wanting to record a song! ESPECIALLY if you need help with background vocals. He's a pro.

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